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      Tipología Postgraduate
      Lugar La habana (Cuba)
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      • Postgraduate
      • La habana (Cuba)
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      Would you like to expand your knowledge about oral implantology? Do you feel your experience can get better? Then you should check this course, imparted by SV Implantology Courses, because it is the one for you.

      The course takes place in the Cuban National Center for Stomatology. Once you finish, you will receive a diploma by the Cuban Ministry of Health. Its goal is to give you the necessary practice to learn the different types of anaesthesia and flaps, but also about implants and suture techniques.

      You will have the opportunity to choose the most challenging cases, based on the needs and knowledge of each student. A minimum of 20 implants are guaranteed for each student, according to its difficulty.

      Don’t blow this chance to gain new knowledge about oral implantology in detail! Contact for further information.

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      La Habana
      La Habana, Cuba
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      comienzo Fechas a escoger
      La Habana
      La Habana, Cuba
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      ¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

      Dental Implant
      Medical Science
      Dental Health
      Tooth Extraction


      The aim of this course is to acquire the necessary practice of placingimplant. The steps to be followed are:
      • Carry case planning, discussing possible options.
      • Design of the incision.
      • Perform bone milling techniques.
      • Do the implants: Implants post-extraction, a flap
      • Open or without surgery.
      • Perform suture techniques.

      Each student placed at least 20 implants (included in the fee). If you want to intensify the practice may place implants additional at cost (prior consultation).

      Each student has his/her ow guardian.

      5000€ (6000 € included flight and hotel).