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      Tipología MBA
      Lugar Shanghai (China)
      Duración 2
      Inicio 01/09/2019
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      • Shanghai (China)
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      Do you want to boost your professional career? Thanks to the Fudan International MBA Program, you will be able to push forward your career and obtain a cross-cultural experience!

      This Global Program has been meticulously designed in collaboration with the MIT Sloan School of Management. The development of Fudan IMBA Program over the past twenty more years is the fruit from gathering and digesting the experiences and successes of top business educational institutions from all over the world.

      This is also part of an innovative path aimed at becoming a top-tier program in Asia with a worldwide prominence that cultivates management elites and business leaders with both global competitiveness and local insights.

      Think global and promote your career with the No.1 ranked Top business schools, in Mainland China in the UTD. Contact now Emagister.co.uk and get the details of this program!

      Información importante
      ¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

      This program, taught entirely in English, aims to cultivate professionals with an international perspective and entrepreneurial spirit, well-adjusted to the demands of economic globalization in China and the rest of the world.

      ¿Esta formación es para mi?

      Young Talents with global perspective and vision, passion with engagement in China market, looking for local insight in China on both business and culture. And their future development is related to China and Asian region. Or others who are full of ideas, ready to take responsibilities and tackle problems, are all welcome to gather in Shanghai and join us at Fudan.

      ¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?

      Step 1: Complete the online application //
      Step 2: The Admission committee will start the application evaluation after receiving the completed application package. An interview invitation will be sent to the qualified applicant. //
      Step 3: After receiving the interview invitation, the applicant can make an interview appointment. While making the appointment, the applicant can choose the preferred interview type. //
      Step 4: Applicant takes the interview with the Fudan Admission Committee members. //
      Step 5: The admission result will be released in two weeks after the interview. //
      Step 6: Enrolled as a Fudan IMBA student at the end of the August or the beginning of September.

      Requisitos: • University degree or above from a recognized university • Professional or full-time work experience are desirable, normally no less than 2 years • An acceptable GMAT/GRE score or other equivalent graduate school entrance examination scores within the period of validity (International applicants)

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      ¿Dónde se da y en qué fecha?
      comienzo Ubicación
      01 sep 2019
      670 Guoshun Rd, Room709, Starr Building, 200433, Shanghai, China
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      comienzo 01 sep 2019
      670 Guoshun Rd, Room709, Starr Building, 200433, Shanghai, China
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      Volodymyr Iermolaiev
      Lo mejor: Shangai is a very beautiful city and I really love it. I came here before going to the university and chose to stay. I want to work in Asia and in China and Fudan is one of the school that are respected here. I learned a lot about intercultural communication. It’s something I really value, because everybody in my country, I’m from Ukraine, they haven’t really had this much experience, working international environment and here you have a lot of exposure. If you can manage the work with different cultures, especially with Chinese and Korean, you will be able to work with anyone. For Fudan, I would like to say thank you for this great opportunity and for creating this environment where we can all study and develop.
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      Curso realizado: Junio 2015
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      Mavis Qin
      Lo mejor: Fudan is one of top universities in China. So what’s why I chose Fudan University as my priority. Actually the most important thing I’ve learned here is not only the professional knowledge about management, but the improvement of my characters, for examples how to understand other people better, how to communicate with others, or how to welcome all the difficulties that I meet in my life and work. I want to improve my career to a higher level of management in an international company. And in life I want to be a better person, who can be relied on by my family and friends.
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      Curso realizado: Julio 2015
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      Ismail Hakki Gorucu
      Lo mejor: China is the most important country in Asia and the world. So, I chose Shangai because is the business and finance center in China and also in Asia. The curriculum of this MBA has many opportunities both theoretical and practical. Besides, our lectures and courses give us the chance to make some practice in the real business world. I have gained some experience in how to do deal with the real business culture difference and real business situations by using my knowledge.
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      Curso realizado: Julio 2015
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      Shoab Momin
      Lo mejor: As of my work experience, I have 6 years of technical consulting in an India MNC in IT. As part of my job I have worked in the Middle East and China as well. The key objective in selecting an MBA for me was: one, to understand the international know-how of current businesses; and two, to have a platform where I can do international interaction. Fudan gave me the platform to achieve both my objectives. I was able to understand the Asian businesses very well, I would like to say to any person who wants to study abroad and works in an international company that Fudan is the best choice. It will give you the platform to achieve your objectives.
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      Curso realizado: Julio 2015
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      David Schuessler
      Lo mejor: I toured the campus before I noticed a very diverse student body and looked at the curriculum and thought it was fabulous rather difficult but also very worthwhile. With Fudan’s orientation program at the beginning of our semester we had several activities which already put us in stressful situations where we had to make crucial decisions. And I realized at this point that it’s possible for me to fail, I can accept this and I can learn from these experiences. This was something that before Fudan I really wasn’t able to do. I chose Shangai because of the business opportunities and also because of the reputation and ability that a degree from Fudan MBA would get me to move on to a better career in the future. In the future I would like to move on to work with a multinational company here in Shangai and perhaps at some point return to the U.S. and work in an executive level position where I can work sort of in between the U.S. and Shangai in some sort of intermediary role.
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      Curso realizado: Agosto 2015
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      ¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

      Logistics Management
      International Marketing
      Human Resource management
      Information technology
      International financial management
      Management Consulting
      Corporate policy
      Entrepreneurial Marketing
      Transnational Management
      Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis
      Global Strategic Marketing
      Successful Entrepreneurship
      Advanced Managerial Communication
      Challenges of Globalization and Implications for China
      Financial Market and Investment
      Enterprise Development Management


      Today's rapidly developing economy is witnessing an increasing shift of weight towards the Asia-Pacific Region. Here, China is playing a significant role as the largest and most globalized player; Shanghai is a major engine powering the growth of its economy.

      This has placed an urgent need for highly qualified business leaders. Following an old Chinese saying that one has to possess the proper tool for the accomplishment of a task, business leaders in China need to update their management ideals, knowledge and skills to address challenges, seize opportunities and realize their dreams.

      Fudan is traditional but looking ahead, conservative but open-minded, and located in China but taking a global perspective. Young talents with vision, passion and potential, or others who are full of ideas, ready to take responsibilities and tackle problems, are all welcome to gather in Shanghai and join us at Fudan.

      Here you can enjoy the culture and spirit of being "rich with knowledge, having a clear purpose, learning actively and constant improvement through self-reflection". You can expect to receive a complete business education on a global standard that will help you unfold a promising future in your personal development.

      IMBA Curriculum

      The School of Management, Fudan University enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of business education.

      The curriculum of the Fudan-MIT International MBA Program is carried out in accordance with that in MIT Sloan. Its practice-oriented management education approach mixes both international and Chinese features.

      The IMBA Program aims to introduce systematically modern management theory and methods to the students, and to adapt students to the Chinese and global business environments.

      Información adicional

      Round 1
      Application Deadline: Nov. 15, 2017
      Interview: End of November
      Decision Release: December

      Round 2
      Application Deadline: Jan. 15, 2018
      Interview: End of January
      Decision Release: February

      Round 3
      Application Deadline: Mar. 15, 2018
      Interview: End of March
      Decision Release: April

      Round 4
      Application Deadline: April 30, 2018
      Interview: May
      Decision Release: May