Global Oil and Gas Management, MSc

University of Greenwich

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The skills and competencies of the global oil and gas manager are key to ensuring a safe and effective workforce and to provide safe and reliable oil and gas extraction. In global exploration and production networks there is a clear need for managers who are trained in the latest techniques and practices in the field of the global oil and gas environment. The needs of the industry, technology and work practices are ever-changing. Consequently, it is vital that all their training reflects the changes in the business. This postgraduate degree programme provides a global perspective on these issues and also a high quality of delivery from subject matter experts, from both industry and academia. The programme also features software products and computer-based training from market leaders in the relevant subject areas. Outcomes The aims of the programme are to: Provide students with an enhanced base of knowledge of current and reflective practices necessary to initiate or further a career in global oil and gas management. Develop an advanced insight into global oil and gas management commercial environment and requirements. Develop critical insight into management issues relating to the global oil and gas business..


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Year 1

  • Environmental Engineering and Sustainability (15 credits)
  • Economics, Accounting & Finance for the Energy Sector (15 credits)
  • Maritime Economics and Global Business Management (15 credits)
  • Research Methodology (15 credits)
  • Energy and Commodities Trading: Practice & Legal Frameworks (15 credits)
  • Strategy & Management (15 credits)
  • Individual Project (60 credits)
  • Processing, Storage & Transportation of Oil & Gas; Alternative Sources of Energy (15 credits)
  • Advanced Principles in Supply Chain Management (15 credits)

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    Assessment Assessment methods include examinations, coursework and a project. Professional recognition Accreditation will be sought for the programme. It is strongly anticipated that this programme will have a minimum of two accrediting professional bodies. Careers The oil and gas industries provide a wide range of career opportunities across the globe. Some are offshore, working directly out on the rigs drilling for oil and gas and on fixed installation oil and gas production platforms as part of the extraction process. Other roles are in commercial activities working onshore, such as in buying and selling oil and gas or as part of the legal teams setting up contracts. Specialised equipment Students will have access to existing online resources such as Moodle, emails, library online resources, IEEEXplore, databases, Web of Knowledge, and Scopus.

    Global Oil and Gas Management, MSc

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