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      Tipología Master
      Lugar Madrid (España)
      Inicio Octubre 2019
      • Master
      • Madrid (España)
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        Octubre 2019

      The International MBA (Madrid/Shanghai) has been designed so that participants can enhance and increase their knowledge in business management and administration, work with the main management tools and strengthen their managerial skills and competences. It is a management Master’s Degree focused on understanding all areas involved in the management of organizations, with a complete overview of the company, the way it functions and how it is organized.

      All of this is enriched by the networking opportunities available with the other participating professionals, our academic faculty and the professionals invited to our conferences, discussions and activities, which is crucial for enhancing professional positioning.

      Ask for more information through Emagister and EAE will get in touch with you in order to solve all your doubts and answer to your questions. Do not hesitate and benefit from this MBA in Madrid and Shanghai!

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      ¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

      1. LEADERSHIP: Managing and leading an organization thanks to the enhancement of essential knowledge in all areas of a company: marketing, finances, accounting, human capital and operations.

      2. EFFECTIVENESS: Developing the appropriate tools and capacities for leadership: team work, motivation, communication, business ethics and social responsibility.

      3. SUSTAINABILITY: Evolving within complex and competitive national and international organizations, underpinned by sustainable development.

      4. CHANGE: Adapting to and anticipating the organization’s needs in terms of change in order to remain competitive.

      5. GLOBAL MANAGEMENT: Managing the organization’s flexibility in view of the emergence of new technologies, new markets and the evolution of society.

      6.ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit and setting the foundations for the creation of new businesses, while encouraging innovation and creativity.

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      comienzo Ubicación
      C/ Joaquín Costa, 41, 08304, Madrid, España
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      comienzo Oct-2019
      C/ Joaquín Costa, 41, 08304, Madrid, España
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      Francisco C.
      Lo mejor: En general muy contento con EAE. Algunos de los profesores son realmente profesionales y merece la pena hacer el curso, para adquirir conocimientos y experiencia.
      A mejorar: Todo bien
      Curso realizado: Marzo 2015
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      ¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

      Business Administration
      Strategic Management
      People management
      International MBA
      Environment and Global Markets
      Government and international economy
      Strategic Resources
      Technology and Operations Management
      Technology and Operations Management
      Technology and Operations Management


      Environment and Global Markets
      This course involves an analysis of the economic indicators that allow us to analyse the environment in which the company operates, or the markets in which it wants to penetrate, in order to make the right decision. Another important factor to consider when deciding to enter a given market is its legal and tax framework. It also conducts and in-depth analysis of markets for the purposes of marketing and sales.
      The courses are:• Business, government and international economy.• Sales Management.
      People Management
      In this area, we will identify the best composition of human resources of the company, defining jobs and evaluating them based on study skills. The programme also involves training leaders, in which students must learn and internalize various skills that enable them to become successful professionals.
      The course are:• Leadership, Behaviour and Social Responsibility.• Human Resources Management.
      Strategic Resources
      The resources available to the company for appropriate decision-making are financial analysis, fundraising and investment selection. We can also include logistics and operations management, as well as learning how to perform efficient management control of the business.
      The courses are:• Financial Management.• Technology and Operations Management.
      Strategic Management
      This course aims to analyse the strategic aspects involved in making better decisions, both to undertake new projects or businesses and to initiate internationalization processes. A business game is also included with, simulations of the decision made and its consequences.
      The courses are:• Strategic Management.• Comprehensive analysis of companies.
      The Business Game experience enables students to create and manage their own company, and test their abilities and knowledge acquired during the first part of the programme, by means of a contest between classmates in which they put themselves in the shoes of a real entrepreneur.
      The objective of the plan is to bring together all of the information obtained throughout the programme and put it into practice in a company creation project. To draft the plan, the participants must take into account the influence that the various functional areas have on the viability of the business project, define the future strategy of the company and the implementation of the business measures and policies that they consider to be most suitable in order to achieve the objectives of the company.