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Master in Design Management

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IED Barcelona Istituto Europeo di Design.
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Tipología Master
Lugar Barcelona (España)
Duración 11 Meses
Inicio Fechas a escoger
  • Master
  • Barcelona (España)
  • Duración:
    11 Meses
  • Inicio:
    Fechas a escoger

Language: English

Emagister adds to its catalog the Master in Design Management, which aims to prepare professionals who integrate design value into the business.

It is important for designers to understand the business reality and their role in order to participate effectively in it and maximize their contribution to society. Business managers can benefit from understanding the potential of a discipline like Design in the Business environment and facilitate its integration to other strategic functions to contribute to the value creation process.

Day after day the business world is becoming more complex to manage with lower and lower margin for errors. In this context the value of a discipline resides in its ability to facilitate better-informed decisions. This highly competitive environment requires knowledge that helps increase effectiveness, knowledge that reduces the number of failures associated to the risk of innovation. As Marketing did in the past, Design is being identified as the next discipline to join the pool of functions required for successful Business Management.

If you are interested in following the Master in Design Management, visit our page ( and learn all the details of the course.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

This intensive program aims to provide students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and tools and experience to become Design Management professionals.

. Enable Design, Marketing, Engineering and Business Management professionals to overcome disciplinary boundaries in order to grow into key drivers of organizational success.

. Develop into leaders capable of combining creativity, managerial skills and entrepreneurial mindsets within the constraints of Business realities.

. Assist Designers and non-Designers in understanding how design management can contribute to the creation of sustainable value within the Business environment.

. Help Designers become Design Managers, Design Managers become Design Leaders and Design Leaders become innovation leaders of the future.

. Provide students with Design and Business Management tools that will enable them to become powerful key contributors in the Value Creation Chain, within the corporate environment or as independent professionals.

. Develop proficiency in using the tools provided. Students will be able to identify appropriate use of these tools to balance academic and practical knowledge, efficiency in communication and ability to evaluate necessary trade-offs when faced with real business challenges.

. Expand the student’s roles and capabilities in working with innovation teams.

. Encourage critical thinking to allow students to be active citizens of our global society

¿Esta formación es para mi?

The master recognizes and welcomes students from a range of backgrounds in design, management and theoretical fields.

Designers of all disciplines (Graphic Design, Product Design and Interior Design), architects, professionals from Business and Management areas, Marketing and Communication are welcome to join the program.

IED Barcelona structures the program in a flexible way to attract students with different specialties and with various backgrounds. This creates a multidisciplinary environment for the students during the course, for the development of a complete vision through design management.

Requisitos: To enter the validation process, all candidates should submit the following documentation: 2 years of professional experience after the completion of university studies; Motivation Letter in English and CV in English specifying languages level and computer skills and Intermediate level of English, corresponding to a paper TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6,5. In case you don’t have any qualification, it will be necessary to assess your level through an in-person or Skype interview

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C/ Biada, 11, 08012 Barcelona, 08012, Barcelona, España
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Till Koch
Lo mejor: I was looking for to expand my creative capabilities and help people in the world to develop products that users care about. I was looking for a way or methodology to really understand users need and a way to develop a product or service that generates value in the society. The master has opened my eyes to understand whatelse is out there in the world of creativity. I have really appreciate we had a lot of projects with real industry clients to apply what we learn in every lesson and it also gives a lot of credibility. The master allowed me to take a much more holistic approach on my work in the creative fields, i can now complitely understand the process of developing a designer product or solution.
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Curso realizado: Octubre 2016
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
Lo mejor: I value very deeply you work with real clients and the different backround from the teachers.
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Curso realizado: Octubre 2016
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
Lo mejor: I was in landscapes architecture thought for 5 years and then i found it a little bit repetitive so I came here looking for a new opportunity to find a new area. I can use my all knowledge from landscape architect and to coexist with the new knowledge that i’ve learnt here which is really useful for me. The master has been a creative experience and a innovative thinking.
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Curso realizado: Agosto 2017
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
Lo mejor: Me ha aportado confianza en los conocimientos y en el saber hacer, poder expresarte y entender quién soy yo, para poder comunicarlo y trabajar mejor. Destacaría la capacidad de relacionarte con los profesores y conectar a un nivel personal para encontrar cual es tu marca personal o fortaleza para poder construir alrededor de eso y poder ser mejor profesional. He visto que el design thinking se puede tomar desde distintos puntos y se puede lograr muy diversos resultados. Ahora puedo estudiar lo intangible, crear contenido y estar detrás de todo lo que pasa, encontrando el sentido a todo lo que diseñamos y producimos.
A mejorar: -
Curso realizado: Septiembre 2017
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
Lo mejor: Lo más valioso es que me ha dado una forma nueva de pensar, creativamente a nivel personal como también relacionarme con otro tipo de personas con tipos de culturas muy distintas. Destacaría la variedad de perfiles de profesores. Con el master he visto el diseño de una forma distinta, con un aporte mucho más valioso, no solo dando importancia a la parte estética simple y llana de diseñar algo lindo sino de poder generar un cambio, un cambio que las personas valoren.
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Curso realizado: Septiembre 2017
¿Recomendarías este centro?:
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Negocios internacionales
Gestión de ventas
Proyectos europeos
Estrategia de negocio
Gestión empresarial
Desarrollo empresarial
Design thinking
Gestión de proyecto
Elementos de programación estratégica
Business design
Design management
Cración de proyectos innovadores
Experiencia de usuario



  • Design Research, Design Thinking and Creation Methods
  • This module empower students with the methodologies, tools and skills needed to draw the context and current ecosystems from which businesses can foresee their future opportunities and scenarios of value. e key relevant subjects that will be taught in this module are: Design inking, Design Research, Strategic Planning and Visual inking. 


  • Design Development Tools
  • This module expose students to the dierent disciplines of designing needed to conceptualize and implement innovation. It aims to create business opportunities and design concepts: evaluative scenarios & prototypes considering its business strategy. e key relevant subjects that will be taught in this module are: Interaction Design, Service and Experience Design and Sustainable Design.


  • Business Development Tools 
  • This module provides students with the strategic and business tools to implement new future scenarios of value of new products and with reliability and the appropriate business model. e key relevant subjects that will be taught in this module are: Marketing, Business Design, Customer Development and Brand Management.

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Full time. 

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