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Tipología Master
Lugar Barcelona (Spain)
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  • Master
  • Barcelona (Spain)
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Healthcare institutions around the world are facing challenging issues caused by progressively changing trends, such as an increasingly prevailing physical inactivity and aging. As the issues become global, so turns the strategic vision of their resolution. Good management is crucial to approaching these challenges, and CSSS MHCM equips you to successfully confront them while providing economic, political, and technical approaches on a fast-changing and complex healthcare environment. During the MHCM, participants are trained to match knowledge from various academic fields with professional skills and figure out a solution for just about any problem that they might find during their career as healthcare managers. During this process, the spotlight is never put on anything but patient demands and needs. The program prepares key leaders through a solid foundation in business analysis and a proven exposure to real-world healthcare management and rewarding professional development opportunities.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

Through the CSSS MHCA participants shall become specialists in the management of healthcare organizations. Potential career paths within this industry, among others, are health and economic policy, health legislation, public health or market and industry analysis. The specific program subjects give students a deep understanding of advanced management disciplines and essentials aspects of healthcare administration. At the end of their study period, participants might typically consider a career in the following work fields: · Management of hospitals · Health office · Health insurance · Research and science · Management functions in health care services. The CSSS MHCA focuses on a set complementary goals. · Assess and develop principles and concepts of management to the organization and deployment of healthcare services. · Understand the pros and cons of different approaches to collaboration across professional and organizational fields in health and social care to further select an approach that best fits the change process within their specific service. · Gain a deep understanding of the drivers behind health legislative reforms and be able to implement strategies for effective management. · Analyze the steps involved in formulating and implementing health policies at national and organizational levels. · Understand the highlights of the Catalan Health Care System, a true reference worldwide. · Understand the nuances between health services delivery in different national contexts and be able to apply learning across international health systems.

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1)They must apply online for the course.
2)Wait for the Offer Letter
3)Make the Payment
4) Wait for the Acceptance Letter

Requisitos: CSSS welcomes qualified applicants with no discrimination towards their gender, age, cultural, ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds. • Admission at CSSS sets minimum criteria which have been designed to identify applicants who have sound academic potential and who shows creativity, critical thinking, social and moral values, evidence of English language proficiency and strong motivation. EU / Non-EU or International • Related Bachelor Degree • Proficiency in English Mature Applicant. If you have relevant qualifications or work experience, academic credit may be awarded towards your CSSS pr

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Carrer de Balmes, 7, 08007 Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona, Spain
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Carrer de Balmes, 7, 08007 Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona, Spain
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¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

Primary Care


Essentials on HealthCare 4 ECTS
  • Introduction to Healthcare Systems 2 ECTS
  • Health Systems assessment 2 ECTS Macro Perspective (Macro processes) 11 ECTS
  • Public Healthcare 1 ECTS
  • Primary Care 2 ECTS
  • Secondary Care 6 ECTS
  • Urgencies and Emergencies 2 ECTS 
  • Health Management 16
  • Healthcare Planning and Strategy 2 ECTS
  • Healthcare Balanced Scorecard 3 ECTS
  • Talent Management & Leadership 2 ECTS
  • Financial Management 2 ECTS
  • Clinical Management 4 ECTS
  • Integrated Prescription Management 3 ECTS 
  • Gaining Focus 6 ECTS
  • Quality Management in Healthcare Organizations 1 ECTS
  • Health Economic Evaluation 3 ECTS
  • Innovation & Knowledge Management 2 ECTS
  • HealthCare Technologies 3 ECTS
  • Business Simulation Game 4 ECTS 
  • Final Master Thesis 16 ECTS

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