A Global MBA from the University of Aberdeen

MBA (Global)

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  • The [online] environment is good, everything in one place, easy to navigate.
  • We’re learning about different Leadership theories and being able to observe them at play in real life situations and people.
  • The assignments forced us to think about how to apply the learned concepts to our workplaces or existing businesses.


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Do you want to challenge traditional business practices? The MBA (Global) from the University of Aberdeen Business School is designed to help you change the way the world does business.

Emagister has added an innovative course thought, especially for a world-class online MBA programme!

With it, you will explore new approaches in order to meet the demand od this fast evolving business world! Studying your MBA online means you'll be working with the cutting-edge communication technologies that are driving modern business and you'll interact with professionals from a variety of cultures and industries.

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  • Aberdeen MBA Course Overview.pdf

¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?: As a student of the University of Aberdeen Business School, you will acquire the knowledge and skills you need to develop as a top performing business professional, while gaining an internationally recognised qualification and enhancing your career prospects.

¿Esta formación es para mi?: The MBA (Global) is intended for ambitious professionals whose ambition is to increase their knowledge and undrestanding of global business, and gain an internationally recognised qualification that will improve their employment prospects and increase their earning potential.

¿Qué pasará tras pedir información?: A dedicated Admissions Advisor will respond to your information request within 24 hours Monday to Friday, or within 48 hours at weekends. They will then follow up with you by telephone or email to check that you have all the details you need and to answer any questions you may have.

Requisitos: We consider all applicants on an individual basis, and welcome applications from those with non-standard qualifications and from a variety of backgrounds. However, to be eligible to enrol on the MBA (Global), you will normally fulfil the following requirements: A British second-class honours degree (or equivalent) in any discipline. A minimum of two years’ relevant professional experience. English language skills will be assessed during the admissions process

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Former Student

Lo mejor: The [online] environment is good, everything in one place, easy to navigate.
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Curso realizado: Diciembre 2016
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Former Student

Lo mejor: We’re learning about different Leadership theories and being able to observe them at play in real life situations and people.
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Curso realizado: Diciembre 2017
¿Recomendarías este centro?:

Former Student

Lo mejor: The assignments forced us to think about how to apply the learned concepts to our workplaces or existing businesses.
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Curso realizado: Marzo 2017
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Former Student

Lo mejor: I am applying everything that I am learning every day to improve my Managerial skill in the business.
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Curso realizado: Diciembre 2017
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Former Student

Lo mejor: There was new material, new ideas about leadership. The course was current. I was able to put learning into action right away.
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Curso realizado: Diciembre 2017
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  • Leadership
  • Business Plan
  • Business model
  • Business
  • Managing Change
  • Business Innovation
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Accounting and Finance for Managers
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Leading and Managing High Performance Teams


PROGRAMME DELIVERYThe programme allows you to develop skills in all areas of business from leadership, through project management andmarketing to strategy development. The programme is split into four blocks, each covering a different aspect of leadingand building successful organisations.


This block explores what is arguably the most important element in securing a sustainable business or organisation: howindividuals and organisations develop innovative ideas and approaches.To do so, you will examine:

• Your own leadership behaviour and how it impacts on others• How to identify customer value and market opportunities• How to identify and create business models

THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGEYou cannot lead if you do not understand yourself or the impact that you have on others.In this course, you will investigate the underlying theories which underpin the popular views about leadership and explorewhy understanding your own leadership style, competency and behaviour is the key to encouraging followership.

This course will focus on five main themes:

• An Introduction to Leadership• Leadership and Culture• The Authentic Leader• Leadership in Practice• Understanding My Leadership

The global nature of this MBA will allow you to gain a greater understanding of your own leadership behaviour in thecontext of your geographical culture, professional context and gender.You will carry out an insights analysis of your personality and leadership type before working to complete an onlineleadership simulation that requires you plan and execute strategy with limited resources to overcome challenges.You will then explore a range of leadership cases to see how and why different decisions are made depending on situation, context and past experience.


This course investigates how firms across a range of sectors identify and prioritise opportunities in the marketplacethrough the delivery of compelling value propositions.This course will focus on five main themes:

• The Customer Journey
• Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Markets• Products and Services• Relationship Marketing• The Sales Cycle


This course investigates the concept of the business model and how and why organisations need to regularly challenge the way in which they do business to remain relevant and competitive.

This course will focus on five main themes:

• The Business Model and Its Component Parts• The Ten Types of Innovation• Business Model Patterns• Disruptive Thinking• Testing and Evaluating New Business Models


The modern business person must understand the processes and approaches required to successfully plan, manage and deliver a strategic business project, which also takes into consideration the financial and people dimensions.However, to be successful, it is important be able to deliver sustainable organisational change.


The focus of this course is not people but processes. The application of processes, methods, knowledge and skills allowsus to achieve our objectives.

This course will focus on five main themes:• Planning for Success• Work Breakdown• Estimation: Time, Resources and Cost• Scheduling


Accounting and Finance for Managers investigates the importance of understanding the role of finance in ensuring thesustainability and growth of organisations.

This course will focus on five main themes:• Assets and Liability: Understanding the Balance Sheet• Presenting and Analysing Financial Statements• Sourcing Finance and Managing Cashflow• Managing Risk and Uncertainty• Linking Finance to Strategy and Operations


The concepts of change have never been more topical, especially given the commercial context of fierce businesscompetition, shorter product life cycles and more demanding customers. Increasingly, long-term commercial success isbased on an ability to manage change, to act creatively and to promote innovation.

This course will focus on five main themes:

• The Dimensions of Change• Change Models• Frameworks for Managing Change• Measuring Success• Sustaining Change


In this block, you will explore the environment in which business decisions must be taken. This includes exploringthe local, national and international parameters which influence business strategy, as well as the global nature of thedigital economy. You will review and apply techniques for spotting and evaluating future trends, as well as evaluate theingredients that go into making high performance teams.


This course investigates the theories, concepts and techniques of investigation that are essential for analysis of where theorganisation is, where it wants to be and how it will get there.

This course will focus on five main themes:

• Planned versus Emergent Strategy• Strategy Tools• Strategy and Competition• Implementation• Re-thinking Markets: Blue Oceans and White Spaces


Future Thinking investigates the international, economic and business environments in which modern day businesses andpolicymakers have to operate.

This course will focus on five main themes:

• The Futurist’s Toolkit• Consumer Decision Making and Industry Analytics• Understanding the Dynamics and Interdependence of National and Global Economies• Technological and Societal Trends• Future Foresighting: Techniques for Spotting and Evaluating Future Trends


This course explores how to motivate, manage and lead people through nurturing and building high performance teams.This course will focus on five main themes:

• People, Personality and Performance• Coaching Models• Performance Management• Appraisal and Mentoring• Coaching in Practice


As part of this block you will be challenged to identify and reflect on your learning from across the programme and put inplace a plan for your ongoing professional development including your SMART objectives for the future.Once you have developed these fundamentals skills, you have the opportunity to personalise the MBA to suit your ownaspirations and professional circumstances by choosing one of the following pathways:


Entrepreneurship is a key driver of the global economy and growth. Entrepreneurs create wealth and jobs for society andtheir success often leads to the development of sustainable businesses. For many, entrepreneurship can also be a ‘lifestyle’choice and allow you to be your own ‘boss’ and pursue a lifelong goal. In this final course you will be required to design,develop and implement your own business idea.In this course we will coach you through the stages needs to launch or grow your own business or social enterprise.


Consultancy means advising clients on strategy, planning and problem solving.Top consulting firms hire more MBA graduates than nearly any other type of employer (Financial Times, 2016). That’sbecause an MBA cultivates business expertise that empowers you to offer profound business insight. In this final courseyou will undertake a management consultancy project that will require you to draw on all of the skills and expertise youhave developed over the course of our MBA. You can apply your learning to either: a business you are working with orapply for one of our virtual consultancy internships.


You will compete alongside your peers in one of our versatile, experiential business simulation programmes. Our simulations will challenge you to use the knowledge and expertise you have developed to deliver and implement astrategy to address one of three business challenges:

• Starting a new business venture• Growing a small business• Planning and managing international expansion

Información adicional

FEES AND PAYMENT OPTIONSThe total tuition fee for the MBA (Global) is £20,000. You can choose to pay your tuition in one of 4 ways:
Pay per course: 12 instalments of £1,666 (one instalment every two months)4 instalments of £5,0002 instalments of £10,0001 instalment of £20,000Depending on where you reside, you could be eligible for loan funding or other financial help. University of Aberdeen alumni are also entitled to a discount on tuition fees.

MBA (Global)

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