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      Tipología Magíster
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      Duración 1 Año
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      • Magíster
      • Online
      • Duración:
        1 Año
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      • Prácticas empresariales

      If you have always wanted to learn what it takes to oversee a business and manage it effectively, then this is the program for you. This comprehensive master will help you to understand the ins and outs of running a company, from the basic organizational structures to commercial strategies, human resources, production, marketing channels and strategic management. In addition to learning how each branch of the company works with others, such as how human resources works with operations and logistics, this program also allows students to work on improving their own personal management style.
      You will learn techniques in negotiating and mediation, as well as how to communicate better both interpersonally and before large groups. This program teaches you the nuts and bolts of how to run a company and also provides instruction on international business skills should the company expand globally. The curriculum also includes an emphasis on business ethics and corporate responsibility, a topic that is more important now than ever.With this master, you will acquire the skills to make confident and strategic business decisions and will learn what it takes to become an effective leader. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a degree from the Universidad Camilo José Cela

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      · Requisitos

      Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience. El programa se imparte en inglés.

      · Titulación

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      ¿Qué aprendes en este curso?

      E business
      Planificación estratégica
      Recursos humanos
      Dirección de empresas
      Gestión empresarial
      Canales de venta
      Gestión de proyectos
      Administración del Tiempo
      Dirección de proyectos
      Trabajo en equipo
      Desarrollo organizacional
      Dirección estratégica
      Planificación estratégica


      MODULE I: Organizational Management

      • 1. The organizations
      • 2. Organizational management
      • 3. Organizational culture
      • 4. Organizational change

      MODULE II: Financial Management

      • 1. Essential concepts in finance
      • 2. Financing decisions
      • 3. Investment decisions
      • 4. Management of working capital

      MODULE III: Marketing Management

      • 1. Marketing
      • 2. Marketing’s role in business
      • 3. The marketing mix
      • 4. Segmentation, targeting and positioning

      MODULE IV: Operational management and logistic

      • 1. Operations management and strategic decisions
      • 2. Operations decisions: planning to meet demand
      • 3. Control decisions: controlling productivity, quality and reliability
      • 4. Logistics

      MODULE V: Human Resource Management

      • 1. Human resources department
      • 2. Human resources planning
      • 3. Motivation and communication
      • 4. Team management and competence management

      MODULE VI: Strategic Management

      • 1. The strategy
      • 2. External and internal analysis
      • 3. Strategic capability
      • 4. Business – Level strategy

      MODULE VII: Management and Negotiation Skills

      • 1. Personal skills
      • 2. Interpersonal skills
      • 3. Group skills
      • 4. Communication skills

      MODULE VIII: International Business and globalization

      • 1. International business environment
      • 2. International trade, investment and regional
      • 3. International business strategy
      • 4. International business management

      MODULE IX: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

      • 1. Business ethics matters
      • 2. Definition and creation of CSR
      • 3. Ethics, corporations and stakeholders
      • 4. From sustainable development to corporate responsability

      Información adicional

      Discounts on tuition available, access to job center and guaranteed internships.  

      Interest-free financing available plus free registration. 

      IMF offers free access to consultations. They will be personalised and permanently attended by a specialised tutor via phone, e-mail or face to face. Both distance learning and E-learning are available. The former mode provides up-to-date textbooks with strict technical-related criteria. They are easily understandable and have a clear practical approach. The latter mode, on the other hand, provides free access to the Virtual Campus where students can check and download all materials, have access to the laws, do the activities, etc.

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