Master en Interacción Avanzada


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  • Lugar

    Barcelona (España)

  • Duración

    10 Meses


Objetivo del curso: The master's of Advance Interaction is an International programm to explore creative uses of technology for practical, experimental or artistic purposes. Our learning by doing research integrate methods used in design, programing and social sciences to produce objects, prototypes and products that will define the outer limits of what is possible to do imaginatively with technology today.
Dirigido a: We are looking for students coming from different walks in life, with an interest in developing and improving the ways in wich is possible to communicate with each other through technology. the nature of the program is collaborative and interdisciplinary so we expect well-rounded individuals that are open to share and contribute to the development of projects beyond their own.

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Pujades 102, 08005



A tener en cuenta

• Completed application form

• Letter of intent

• Copy of (valid) passport

•Legalized copy of your applicant’s degree (Bachelor or higher degree from other professions) officially translated both in English and in Spanish. The legalisation should be done according to the country of origin of the applicant. 

• Two letters of recommendation

• Curriculum Vitae

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Core Courses

  • Research Studio (last the whole year)
  • Fundamentals of Physical Computing
  • Programming interactivity
  • Theory Seminar

Elective Courses and Seminars

  • Beyond Processing
  • Objects that talk
  • Networks
  • Designing Interfaces for Museums
  • Programming and Creativity
  • Folding structures
  • NIME
  • Reactive visuals
  • Natural behavior
  • Principles of electronic
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Physical and virtual spaces
  • Web Mashups
  • Sustainable batteries
  • Human to human interaction
  • Visual programming
  • Interactive storytelling
  • How to hack almost anything
  • Interactive film
  • Mobile activism
  • How to listen
  • Media Arts Histories
  • Mobile games
  • Philosophy and technology
  • Books: from paper to screen
  • Ethical design
  • User Experience Design for Visual
  • Interfaces
  • Public interactive space
  • Social Networks for Social Change
  • All the information you can read
  • Data Flow programming for performances
  • Digital Fabrication

*Sample courses. The courses will be subject to change.

Skill based Workshops
Tools for Communication
Digital Fabrication
Materials and building techniques
Design Management

Research Studios

How to Get What You Really Want (Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi)
Inside/Outside (Chris Sugrue and Arturo Castro).

Research Studios focus on building up technical, aesthetic and conceptual skills by working on real life situations. Each studio has a research agenda and students will develop individual portfolio projects around the main brief of the studio. Special emphasis will be put on the relevance of the project. Guest critics will be invited to assess the work, and regular input from students in the studio is required.
By the end of the studio, students will have working prototypes of a thesis project and will exhibit their projects. Students will sign up to one Research Studio throughout the year.

General Subjects (examples)

Wearable Computing
Tangible Interfaces
Machine sensing and computer vision
Community Based Design HCI
Sound and Performance
Craft and Technology
Smart Cities
Materiality and electronics
Design Fictions

Boot Camp
This 8 days initial experience will introduce students to the methodology of learning by doing -the core of the program. Students will be living in can Valldaura, cooking together and taking part of different activities that will teach them how to work as a group and how to find their own roles within the group itself. Driving from leadership and theatrical and improve techniques, the boot camp will make sure the basis for learning as a group are there before the academic program begins.

Master en Interacción Avanzada

$ 9.491.954 IVA inc.

*Precio estimado

Importe original en EUR:

10.500 €