Profit Optimisation for Function Spaces & Spas

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En Genova (Italia)

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Tipología Curso
Lugar Genova (Italia)
Duración 3 Días
  • Curso
  • Genova (Italia)
  • Duración:
    3 Días

Objetivo del curso: This course aims to engage and develop professionals in optimising profitability in other hotel revenue generating departments, such as meeting rooms, banquets and spas. Topics include forecasting, minimum acceptable group rates, yield management, duration controls, SPOR, SPAR to RevPAR ratio and ConPAST.
Dirigido a: Managers and executives from the service industries, vested with the responsibility of maximising revenues and optimising profit in non-traditional revenue generating departments.


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For over twenty years Revenue Management has been practiced in the lodging business and with the increasing realisation of the financial and operational benefits the extension of practices into other departments is imminent. Be at the forefront of exploring the possibilities and extending the concept of revenue management into other revenue generating departments.

Whether function spaces or spas are your primary product or an additional revenue generator, you can gather competencies in effective forecasting; assess revenue contributions and explore optimisation strategies for function spaces and spas.

We challenge you to an intensive 3-day module towards profit optimisation.


  • Identify and explain the fundamental concepts and building blocks in Revenue Management
  • Elaborate and discuss the development of Revenue Management strategies and methodology into other departments
  • Explore systems from decision support to performance control


• Apply basic forecasting techniques
• Apply optimisation models and techniques
• Assess business performance and propose 'product' modification strategies

***Learning Methodolog;Interactive lecture, exercises, debates and discussion and industry case-studies.

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