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Zygomatic Implantology

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  • Curso intensivo
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The zygomatic implants are a valid and rapid solution in cases of maxillary bone atrophy and in the failed results of previous regenerative surgeries and implant. With this course, you will learn to rehabilitate patients with severe atrophy of the upper jaw and to solve complex cases.

The course takes place at Sao Paulo, Brazil, delivered by a professor of the University of Sao Paulo. It is customizable both in duration and in practice, depending on your needs.

As part of the summary, the student will learn the all-on-four zygoma technique (quad zygoma), immediate loading and other rehabilitation techniques.

Also, you will have the opportunity to choose the most challenging cases. And it is guaranteed the placement of at least 4 zygomatic implants and 2 pterygoid implants in the hospital setting, under local or total anesthesia

Don’t miss this chance to further your knowledge about implantology! Contact for further information.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

The course is aimed at graduates in dentistry who want to expand and consolidate their knowledge in the field of zygomatic implantology.

Each participant is guaranteed the placement of at least three zygomatic implants and two pterigoid implants; in hospital, in total or local anesthesia.

The course leader will also learn about the All on Four Zigoma (Quad Zigoma) technique immediately upon completion. He will also learn other rehabilitation techniques for patients with severe atrophy of the jaw.

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The zigomatic implantology course lasts seven days and the price varies according to the number of cases treated.

Requisitos: Degree in dentistry and medical enrollment

Para poder hacer este curso debés tener uno de estos niveles de estudios: Bachelor's Degree, Professional Diploma, Masters, Ph.D



São Paulo (Brazil)
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The course includes 2 days of theory plus the numbers of cases chosen by the student:

  • Theoretical module: 2 days of theory + Practical module, 1 case of zygomatic (4 implants) PRICE: 7.000,00 Euros
  • Theoretical module: 2 days of theory + Practical module, 2 cases of zygomatic (8 implants)   PRICE: 9.000,00 Euros
  • Theoretical module: 2 days of theory + Practical module, 3 cases of zygomatic (12 implants)  PRICE: 11.000,00 Euros
  • Theoretical module: 2 days of theory + Practical module, 4 cases of zygomatic (16 implants)  PRICE: 13.000,00 Euros

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Depends on the number of cases chosen.
The price includes flight and hotel.


Bank transfer of 20% of the total.

Payment Method

Bank transfer

Last term

30 days before the start of the course, registrations will be accepted in chronological order.


8.30/13:30 – 14:30/19:30


Based on the number of cases chosen by the student


Sao Paulo (Brazil)