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Dirigido a:  IEDE's International MBA is aimed at graduates, whether in Letters or Science, with a proficient in English and seeking to join an executive team that manages international projects. The program of this MBA bases its activity on international innovation and involves students in a productive or strategic internationalization process.   .

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· Requisitos

Candidates must fulfill the following basic requirements: * Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an officially accredited institution * Have proven fluency in English * Laptop computer mandatory * Personal interview

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Descripción Madrid - Shanghai - California This full-time, multi-campus program is given entirely in English at the IEDE Business School facilities in Spain and China. Through an agreement with the American University of California, Irvine, the program is completed with three months on the California campus, one of the campuses with the greatest percentage of international students. Perfil del participante The International MBA’s student should be:
  • A decision-maker who wants to learn how to define his/her vision and then turn this into reality.
  • A person who wants to change the business world, working with an international outlook.
  • A professional who favours a truly transnational experience based on three different continents and who is intensely curious about discovering new business environments.
  • A person excited about the future of management and who feel the challenge of being players in it, a scenario in which responsibility and values are inherent to everything they hope to accomplish.
Objetivos Students are trained to develop successful professional skills aimed at executive positions in global business. In this context, international vision and experience are essential in order to meet challenges, achieve professional goals, and secure a bright future in the world of executive management. This International MBA includes four additional elements essential for those who wish to work in an international business environment: Educational and business experience in China and in the United States, where company culture and business practices are shared with students. A major management skills program. Use of latest technology. Visits to companies and institutions which are leaders in terms of their projects, results and alliances
Madrid, Shanghai and California Schedule: Includes a complete international immersion during the 16 weeks at the IEDE campuses in Madrid and Shanghai and a 12 weeks period at Irvine, which enable students to learn and understand three different cultures. Full-time program given entirely in English by senior management professionals. From Monday to Friday 9:00 to 14:00. From 11 April 2009 to 1 April 2010 Methodology: The IEDE Business School teaching method is one of the greatest added values of the master's degree course, having been strengthened and enriched by more than 15 years of experience in management and specialized training. These methods are based on highly practical, result-oriented education in which renowned professionals in the sector transfer their knowledge of management skills to students through the proposal and resolution of real cases. With these methods, the student becomes the central figure of the learning process throughout the master's course, both in and outside the classroom. A practical case-by-case study brings into the classroom the managers' experience in different business situations. Students work in teams analyzing these real cases, under the constant guidance of professors and lecturers who monitor the discussions and facilitate reflection and debate. This, in turn, favors the exchange of ideas, know-how and solutions. This method enables students to: Acquire and develop the professional skills in highest demand within this sector Share their know-how and exchange opinions with their colleagues, enhancing and increasing their learning Develop their entrepreneurial spirit

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