Strategic Marketing and Business Development

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One of the main objectives is that students acquire the skills needed to take on the development of business beyond the domestic market and thus implement the full potential of a company via a strategy for venturing into new countries. Nowadays, these skills are essential not only for company survival but also for the achievement of a good positioning in an increasingly global and competitive market.
Dirigido a:  University graduates, preferably in Marketing, Economics or Business Administration, with over three years of experience in departments involved in Marketing, Sales, Business Development or Expansion and an advanced level of English who need the knowledge and tools that will enable them to strengthen or boost their professional career. Professionals who wish to stand out for their firm grasp of matters related to the design and implementation of strategic plans for growth, diversification and internationalisation. Companies that need to train and specialise their professionals in the development of product and market internationalisation processes.  .

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The admission procedure for IEDE Business School master’s programs may be carried out at any time during the year. Once the required documents are received, the Graduate Admissions Department will begin the necessary processing and schedule candidates for the admissions tests pertinent to their chosen master’s program. Candidates will also be interviewed by the Master’s Program Director or by a member of the Board of Admissions. Interviewers will evaluate the candidate’s potential for achievement and future development in the selected program.

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The Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing and Business Development is presented as the best choice for becoming a leading professional capable of generating business in new markets.

In such times of uncertainty as those being experienced at the moment, success lies in the innovation and the development of new businesses. For this reason, a need has arisen for professionals with a firm grasp of business practices and who are capable of reinventing the markets.

IEDE Business School, always aware of the market’s needs, leads the market of Post-Graduate studies with the Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing and Business Development: the only bilingual program in Spain (50% in Spanish, 50% in English) that provides training to experts on internationalisation strategies with a dual specialisation: the design of action plans for all kinds of businesses and innovation in the way to development them.

This Master’s Program includes more than 450 hours, a stay in the University of Tongji, Shanghai and the option to undertake 300 hours of professional work experience at Spanish or multinational companies that are currently involved in internationalisation processes.


During period in Madrid, it is a part-time program: Fridays evening and Saturdays morning.

During the period in Shanghai, it is a full-time program.

University degree:

At the end of the course, after passing the program's evaluations, the students are awarded the Degree on Master in Strategic Marketing and Business Development from IEDE Business School.


The method is highly practical, offering a result-oriented education. Renowned professionals transfer their knowledge of management skills to students through analysis and resolution of real cases.

With this method, the student becomes the central figure of the learning process by means of the Master's course, both in and outside the classroom.

The Master's course is designed and structured so that students develop the interpersonal and technical skills necessary for optimum management.

The goal is to produce distinctly different businessmen and women due to their values, ethics, creativity, innovation, and capacity for results.

Final evaluations in the Master’s program take into account both the technical knowledge a student has acquired as well as the management skills developed throughout the course of the program.


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Strategic Marketing and Business Development

$ 15.887.426 IVA inc.

*Precio estimado

Importe original en EUR:

17.500 €